A film about our work!

Hello everyone,

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation made a film about our work with horses and dogs and aired it yesterday on station RIK1’s morning show. It is a touching report featuring several of our dogs and horses and their rescue stories. Please watch it, and I hope it will inspire you to support our work.

Summary of the commentary of the presenter:

“They have presented you very well and they have said that they are ashamed as cypriots that a foreigner cleans the mess we leave behind treating animals like this and we are abusing them. They also said that you spent all your fortune to them while our government should, they also said that you are taking animals that nobody would want and they would be dead by now if it wasnt for you. They also pleaded that people donate and they were calling minister in responsibility to visit your place and take action as well as government! Was a great presented film and i do hope you get all the help.”


To watch the video click here.

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