This is MOONACRE, the wonderful place where we live together with all our rescued dogs, horses, cats, pigs, chickens, ducks etc.

This is a film taken this morning showing how we work – check out those helpful dogs – and the horses calling for their hay delivery!

Ellie and I work on our own folks! We have no volunteers and only 1 staff member due to Covid restrictions preventing our team from reaching us.
We cannot afford farm machinery to help us – we have to do it all old school!

Watch this film again and decide if you want this kind of lifestyle for rescued animals or do you prefer the kennels and the cages and the screaming dogs?

Decide if you want to support us and the great farm life we give every one of our 80+ rescues in residence.

Right now, we are struggling without donations, without staff, without volunteers. We are working in incredible heat from 6am to 2am EVERY DAY. Our appeals for help are reaching few hearts but we keep going.

Watch this film again and hear us laugh and joke! We are exhausted but the animals don’t need to see that. Our animals deserve happiness and fun. We are all they have for now.

Watch this film and decide if you will support us. We are asking you to donate the price of a coffee, please!

Watch this film, and decide.



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