Dear friends and supporters, I have launched an appeal for help on social media on behalf of my beloved sanctuary, MOONACRE.

You will know that our family has primarily funded the cost and projects at MOONACRE since it’s inception. Sadly, back in February 2021, we lost our income due to sudden unemployment. I have managed to keep the case load going, and have met most of the outgoings from our existing funds. However, we have reached rock bottom, and we are in a very serious situation now. We cannot continue without help, and the only source of help which I can turn to immediately, is right here on social media and our webpage via our fundraiser.

We are struggling for our survival, and I desperately need your support. I have taken steps to bring in advisors to help get us onto our feet again, but this is a medium and longer term solution. In the short term, I need to find funding to pay essential bills and an ever increasing animal feed bill before our credit is suspended, and we find our access to electricity and water cut. Our situation is very serious. I wish I had taken the step to ask for help when I actually saw this crisis coming, but I thought I could manage the situation, and clearly I cannot.

What I do know with every fibre of my being, is that MOONACRE is worth saving. It is a truly amazing place which generates so much happiness and love into the lives of the hundreds of disadvantaged animals that have passed through our gates. Countless dogs are running with limbs that would never have come to life without the work done by MOONACRE. Dogs struck down by stroke and coma, and broken spines are whole, and in new homes, because MOONACRE did not give up on them. Please do not give up on MOONACRE – please help keep this unique place and all the wonderful animals here going.

MOONACRE will stand on it’s own feet again, but please help us while we try to get back up.

Thank you,

Rochelle van Buuren

Founder of MOONACRE


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