I am sending out an extremely urgent appeal for donations for MoonAcre Sanctuary.

We lost our family income in February 2021. The situation reached crisis point in August 2021 when I became unable to pay monthly bills or continue with essential surgeries. I appealed for financial help to the Government but was told I had missed the funding deadline. I appealed to Veterinary Services to remove our animals because we could not support them. No assistance was available. We continue to struggle every day, and the strain is now unbearable. I have been unable to pay the property rental, the electricity bills, the water bills, or proceed with essential surgeries since August. I made token payments to our feed supplier but our arrears are now significant. I can no longer make basic payments.

The reality of our situation is that I have received a warning of eviction, the electricity supply which runs the sanctuary water pump will be cut off, and also the emergency mains water supply. I have bills pending for animal feed, hay supply, and farrier.

There is nowhere for me to turn for help. I do not have a network of foster homes, I do not have anyone to raise funds for us, and there has been no adoption interest in our dogs or cats for 2 months. I are totally reliant on a handful of monthly sponsorships which are now used only for essential veterinary medications.

My fundraising appeal is still running – PLEASE help with a donation if you can. Reaching the fundraiser target is the only way we can survive.

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