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June 3rd 2020:

Today is one of those bittersweet days for all of us at MoonAcre, because we are sending 2 of our very long term residents, and one of our pups, to their new homes abroad.

TILLY, WATSON and puppy YULE are leaving today on our first post Covid -19 flight.

TILLY came to us in 2018, with her body broken from a vehicle impact. There was very little hope for her because both hind legs were smashed to pieces. However, we started her on a treatment plan and 2 years on, our TILLY is beginning her life again – in a home with her best friend MAKIS! TILLY is an active, happy and very loving little dog. Her favourite pastime is rolling in mud, so I wish her new parents lots of luck with trying to keep her clean!

WATSON has had the most unfortunate life of perhaps any dog we have rescued. From the day we brought him home from a dog pound back in 2018, WATSON has suffered with auto immune issues. He is also Leishmania positive. Thankfully, after years of struggle and enormous effort from our vets, WATSON is a happy and stabilised dog. He captured the heart of one of our residential volunteers, and is leaving us to join her family in Devon. What a wonderful result for a dog with so little hope!

YULE: Puppy YULE was rescued by us from an industrial dump on the afternoon of Christmas Eve 2019. He was a tiny chap! 6 months on, YULE has emerged to be a larger crossbreed with wonderful traits – gentle, loving and loyal. YULE leaves us to join a family with 2 children – a perfect match for this very sweet, family dog.

Thank you to everyone who works hard to support our rescue work – bringing injured dogs back to life, giving abandoned puppies a new start – we could not do half so well without the financial support and moral encouragement from all of you. Then there are the adopters – those amazing people who place their trust in us to find their family a lifelong match from our resident pack. I never cease to be humbled by the faith that is placed in us, and I hope that the 3 dogs we are entrusting into your care today, will enrich your lives beyond your expectations.


Ellie and I escorted 3 of our dogs on their way to new homes abroad. CHARLIE and DUKE are now happily settled in England, and we delivered puppy EVE to her new family in Holland.

A fairytale ending for our PRINCE!

Back in August, a tourist brought a severely dehydrated abandoned puppy to us for help. We named him PRINCE.

PRINCE recovered well, grew and grew, and this weekend he left us to join his new family in UK. PRINCE has gone to be a baby brother for our girl MEGGIE (now ISLA), and to spend the rest of his life in a family with dogs and children. A perfect home for a little PRINCE!

LAYLA, SAMI BEAGLE, LOLLIPOP, SEBASTIAN and JOSE arrived safely in their new homes in England and Holland last week. Families report that their dogs have settled well and are relaxed and happy. These pictures are the best Christmas presents for Ellie and me!