Click here to reach our fb page and find new updates on our rescued dogs who are ready for adoption.  Here are photos of some of the dogs available for adoption right now:



PUPPY FREYA came into our care 7 weeks ago. She was found as a stray and we responded to an appeal to help her.

FREYA was not well when we took her on – she had Anaplasmosis, which is a common blood infection caused by ticks. PUPPY FREYA went onto a treatment plan from the vet, and together with a nourishing diet plus supplements to boost her immune system, FREYA has bounced back to health.

We estimate that our pup is under 18 months old. She is a happy girl, very friendly towards everyone she meets. She loves to be loved and is a super companion dog to adults and children.

FREYA is a highly sociable, non dominant dog who gets on well with other animals. Her friendly character brings her a variety of doggy playmates, she is calm around cats, and has no issues being with horses.

FREYA is house trained, lead trained, recall trained and has good basic obedience. She travels quietly in the car and has no problem being left on her own. She is not a chewer or barker.

FREYA is passport ready, and we are looking for a loving family for her, hopefully with children or a resident dog, who want a best friend for life.

Please contact us for further information on FREYA.

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So, let’s talk about our boy RAE. Visitors to MOONACRE will unanimously acclaim him as the best “meet & greet” dog ever! RAE is everyone’s best pal – a gentle German Shepherd/ possibly Beagle crossbreed, with an enormous love of people! Once you meet RAE and receive one of his gorgeous bear hugs, you will be hooked!

RAE transferred to us from another rescue in June 2018 because he needed specialist help for a chronic neurological issue for which there was thought to be no solution.

Rae was suffering from continuous body spasms as a result of surviving Distemper virus as a puppy. The spasms made it impossible for RAE to rest, and were using up all his body fat.

We got to work right away with a multi approach treatment plan. We used diet, nutritional supplements, specific vitamins, steroidal medication and physiotherapy, to bring his body into balance. RAE improved immensely, and now all that remains of his condition is a very slight muscle tremor.

RAE’s recovery allowed his beautiful personality to emerge, and we discovered the most sweet natured, sensitive, and intelligent character waiting to be shared. RAE is love on legs! He is the nicest, most loyal companion to everyone he meets. He is excellent with children and loves their company. He loves walks, and water, and tug toys, and he adores cuddles and massive hugs!

RAE has no issues with other dogs or cats or horses. He is well mannered, calm, obedient, and always eager to please.

We are looking for a home where RAE’s extraordinary goodness and loyalty will be appreciated. This is a wonderful dog in every way and we will not part with him except to an adopter who really understands that this is a special dog, a true friend to be treasured.

RAE is a around 3 years old, in good health, and passport ready. Please do not hesitate to enquire about him!

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MOONACRE is a home. We live with our rescued animals and every one of them is a cherished member of our family. When you register interest in one of our dogs, we take every care to ensure that you are the right person to love and protect our dog for the rest of his life.

Your application begins with informal chats about the kind of dog you are looking for, and we will guide and advise you about any suitable matches we may have.

If a potential match is identified, you will be sent an application form to complete and return to us. This form helps us understand your circumstances and address any issues arising – it does not commit you to adoption.

If you are a good match for one of our dogs, we arrange a home check visit to meet your family and any resident pets. A written report with photos/film is sent back for us to examine thoroughly. Again we will address with you any issues arising, and a decision will be made regarding the suitability of the proposed match of family with dog.

If you are approved for adoption, we proceed with export preparations. We arrange everything in consultation with you – timings, travel plan, paperwork – and you receive a detailed briefing from us on how to prepare your family and home to welcome your new dog. We advise and support you as much as you wish, and we will stay with you until you feel ready to manage your dog without our input.

Our dogs are not offered for adoption until we are satisfied that they are ready for family life. All our dogs share our home, we have no kennels or cages at MoonAcre except for hospital cases. Our dogs sleep with their friends in dog houses located in large compounds at night, during the day they are free to roam our farm and interact with family and staff. All our dogs are well socialised and used to family life. They enjoy cuddles on the sofa, watch tv with us and sleep in our bedrooms on rota. They are all house trained, car trained with dog seat belts, lead trained, off lead recall trained, and know their basic commands. All our dogs sit for their food, are trained to visit cafes and public places. They are trained to run errands with us, go shopping, meet strangers etc. We take this extra care because we want to minimise the disorientation our dogs will experience when they join a new family. We want to give them every advantage. We know from experience that our dogs settle immediately in their new homes, and are “good to go” as soon as they have recovered from their travel fatigue.

Regarding travel, there will be a choice of options presented to you of how you may receive your dog – we will make our recommendation but usually you may choose from a direct flight to the UK and an airport collection yourself, or a fly/drive option with a flight into a European airport and a drive via pet courier with delivery to your door. All the arrangements and paperwork will be done for you and you will be kept updated at all times.

Our dogs travel with Pet Passports under the TRACES export scheme. They are blood tested, fully vaccinated, neutered, and treated for internal/external parasites. We have a full disclosure policy, so you are told everything we know about the history and health of your chosen dog.

Before you receive your new dog we will have briefed you in detail about getting your dog settled and into your family routine. Likewise, when your dog has arrived, we are available at all times to advise and support you – no issue is too small – and we will give our help as long as you need us.

You should be aware that we offer lifetime back up for every dog no matter where they are in the world. If ever your circumstances change and you cannot provide a home for our dog, just call us and we will be there!

Finally a word on costs; we advise adopters to have a budget of GB£550-600 to cover export and adoption. Adopters pay only the exact cost of vet preparation for export, travel costs and crate hire. We do not slip in admin fees, mandatory donation or profit into the cost.

We try to keep costs as low as possible but we do not cut corners! Our dogs deserve complete health cover, and safe export using certificated carriers and road transporters. Costs vary depending on the route, airline, and season of travel, and currently we do not know how the Covid-19 crisis will affect prices.

If you have any further questions about the application and adoption process, please do not hesitate to ask!