Our ethos is that once a dog passes through our gates, it leaves behind it’s past, and never again knows fear or hunger or cruelty.  We spend whatever time is needed to rehabilitate and socialise each dog treating each  individually and holistically. Our dogs live free, no cages, no kennels. We build roomy dog houses near to our farmhouse so that our residents can choose their own beds next to their best friends. Communal living knits together the pack and encourages wide sociability.

Every dog receives family time and sleep overs in our farmhouse, sofa time with our family is very important training if we are aiming to take over the world one sofa at a time!

Every dog is on it’s own theraputic path, it’s own feeding programme, it’s own developmental schedule. Each dog has it’s own named food bowl and it’s own feeding station. We don’t just take our dogs for a walk, we lead train, we play fetch, we practise off lead recall. We prepare our dogs to face the outside world with car rides, trips to cafes, outings to the beach, meetings with visitors, and we develop their life experience with exposure to our horses and our cats. No matter how their lives began, SOFA HOUNDS become well adjusted, easy going, family dogs before they are ready to leave us.

We then match our dogs to adopters using utmost care to ensure that the homes we choose will be “forever families” for them. We are not a business or a charity, we are a not for profit private Sanctuary. We simply use our farm to do whatever we can to help dogs in need, and if a dog’s need is clearly to stay with us forever, that is also what we provide, a home for life.

Our speciality is the rehabilitation of disabled dogs: we care for the paralysed, the blind, the deaf, the limbless, and those with terminal illness. We provide surgical corrections, prosthetic solutions, wheeled carts, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massage, nutritional support and intensive nursing – whatever we can do to alleviate or negate disability. We enable dozens of physically compromised dogs to lead happy, active lives – and through our experiences we try to encourage potential adopters to consider formerly disabled dogs too.

MOONACRE gladly provides a permanent home for senior dogs at our Sanctuary, and increasingly we are receiving requests to take in dogs suffering from Canine Leishmania. We welcome dogs with terminal diagnoses, and do everything we can to help them using conventional and complimentary medicine, massage, and lots of love and care. We are very pleased to be bringing all our Leishmania dogs into successful remission – it’s always feels good to beat the odds!

I hope you will enjoy all the happy moments captured in our doggy photographs as much as we have enjoyed putting the joy into their lives. I encourage you to take a tour of our Sanctuary website and join us as a supporter, adopter or volunteer. A warm welcome is on offer to you from all of us here at MoonAcre.

Best Wishes from Rochelle van Buuren, Mum at  MoonAcre Sanctuary, Alethriko, Larnaca, Cyprus.