On the surface, MOONACRE looks like a paradise for animals. But think about it, nothing this good comes easily! It takes a huge amount of work, and a regular investment of Euro 4500 each and every month to provide the services and veterinary care which keeps our Sanctuary fully functioning.

Frankly, we no longer draw the kind of income needed to sustain MoonAcre. We have maitained our standards at a huge cost – CREDIT! That “temporary” credit is now a huge pit of DEBT which is drowning us!

Ellie and I are just 2 people, and we have struggled for 2 years to keep MoonAcre running without the regular funding we once relied upon. That’s 2 years of unfailing commitment to our residents as we continuously slipped under! The pressure has been enormous, and we are desperate for help. There is no question that our situation is dire, but we know that we can get back on our feet with outside help! Euro 25,000 is not unattainable – we CAN and we MUST raise this sum to rid us of 2 years of arrears!

PLEASE will you help us? If we could do this by ourselves, we would have done it! We need goodwill and helping hands to lift MoonAcre off it’s knees. Please help us!

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