Friends, I want to talk to you about our Sanctuary.

To me, MOONACRE feels like one of the most special places on God’s Earth. Love and happiness pours out of every corner of this place. Our wonderful family of staff and volunteers enjoy their work, and the animals we take care of are as healthy and happy as we can make them.

At this time when many animal welfare organisations are struggling to keep afloat, we are no exception! This year, 2023, has been catastrophic in terms of basic running costs. Due to price rises, our weekly feed bill (with discount) has risen to a staggering Euro 490 – yes, that really is WEEKLY!

The scope of work at MOONACRE is unique. Our Sanctuary exists to provide care for the most vulnerable animals: the physically disabled, and the elderly in particular. There are daily veterinary visits and specialist medications needed to maintain quality of life across the range of species residing here. For example. most of our dogs are disabled, and almost every one of them has come to us as a referral from the authorities, veterinary professionals, rescuers, or desperate individuals. They have come to us because we are the only option available for them in Cyprus.

Our family income, and every donated cent, is entirely committed to keeping our Sanctuary bills paid, but we do not always succeed in covering our running costs. The burden is enormous. Despite our best efforts, we cannot meet the increase of the weekly animal feed bill to Euro 490.

I am appealing to YOU, our friends and supporters, and our followers on social media, to please make a donation to help us meet the Sanctuary food bills. We do not receive credit from suppliers, so we are in a very difficult situation right now. To get through the week, we MUST find Euro 490 to cover the food bills.


I began this post by describing MOONACRE as a very special place. We are blessed to spend our lives caring for these animals who depend so much on us. We get back in return more than we deserve in love and loyalty. Our Sanctuary needs YOUR HELP right now, so please take a look at these photos of some of the dogs we are asking you to support with your donation.

PAYPAL donations reach us faster than bank transfers: our account is “” and please select the GIFT option.

Bank IBAN CY18 0050 0208 0002 0803 1998 4301, Ref: Food Fund

Please, please support our Sanctuary!



On the surface, MOONACRE looks like a paradise for animals. But think about it, nothing this good comes easily! It takes a huge amount of work, and a regular investment of Euro 4500 each and every month to provide the services and veterinary care which keeps our Sanctuary fully functioning.

Frankly, we no longer draw the kind of income needed to sustain MoonAcre. We have maitained our standards at a huge cost – CREDIT! That “temporary” credit is now a huge pit of DEBT which is drowning us!

Ellie and I are just 2 people, and we have struggled for 2 years to keep MoonAcre running without the regular funding we once relied upon. That’s 2 years of unfailing commitment to our residents as we continuously slipped under! The pressure has been enormous, and we are desperate for help. There is no question that our situation is dire, but we know that we can get back on our feet with outside help! Euro 25,000 is not unattainable – we CAN and we MUST raise this sum to rid us of 2 years of arrears!

PLEASE will you help us? If we could do this by ourselves, we would have done it! We need goodwill and helping hands to lift MoonAcre off it’s knees. Please help us!


I took this photo showing the fields around MoonAcre bursting with fresh cut hay.

We need to place the order for our rescued horses before we miss out on this top quality product. We use 2 large bales per week.

Our supplier is a local farmer who charges a fair price. We pay Euro 40 per bale including delivery and loading into our barn.

We are surviving week to week so we are not in a position to fund this vital purchase ourselves. Provision of hay feed for our 15 resident rescue horses is non negotiable – it MUST be achieved!

I am asking our friends and supporters everywhere to please join together to raise the cost of 1 truck load of hay – 22 bales. This will take us safely through to August.

Please see the poster for full details of how to sponsor a bale of hay – and please support our appeal!

FOR ADOPTION: (adopted! Thank you!)

Baby TILLY is ready to join a family of her own!

I am so happy to be able to promote 12 months old TILLY for adoption. She has the most loving nature and just wants to be hugged and cuddled. She is highly intelligent and learns everything instantly. She is a most impressive young dog!

TILLY is housetrained, lead trained, recall trained, car trained, and very well socialised with adults, children and other dogs. She has no issues at all with cats, she is excellent around horses and pigs!

TILLY is in perfect health, has her passport in place, she is blood tested, spayed, chipped, vaccinated etc, and now just needs a loving home!

Please contact me (Rochelle van Buuren) or MoonAcre Sanctuary for more information on how to apply to adopt our TILLY.


VOLUNTEERING: The United Nations of MoonAcre!

Just for fun we made a list of the countries of the volunteers we have hosted at MoonAcre since we commenced our programme in 2016. In no particular order;












The Netherlands










New Zealand







Volunteers, YOU are MoonAcre. Thank You!