Dear Friends & Supporters, I am currently in Macedonia shadowing rescuers working with street dogs. This is the experience of a lifetime – nothing like Cyprus – and without doubt the place that I, as the Founder of MOONACRE SANCTUARY, am meant to be at this moment in time.

I will report my findings at the first opportunity. I want to THANK every one who donated to make this rescue journey a reality. By helping me reach Macedonia to retrieve 2 disabled dogs, you have made possible a “rescue corridor” for many more dogs who have no public presence and live out their sad lives on the streets in freezing temperatures. Many have survived like this for more than 10 years, and clearly they will not make it past the coming snows.

Today I will meet JIMMY & PENELOPE, the 2 disabled dogs and bring them to my cottage for their first experience of home life, before we fly back to MOONACRE together.

Thank you on behalf of all the lives you will save through MOONACRE’s MISSION to MACEDONIA.

UPDATE ON EMMA our Golden Girl!

I found EMMA stray and injured in October 2019. She had no form of ID so we advertised her far and wide to try to find her owner. When we put EMMA through our standard vet examinations for new arrivals, we came to the conclusion that EMMA had been deliberately abandoned – our findings showed that EMMA had not strayed and been hit by a car as I thought! EMMA had a skeletal defect and needed an expensive total hip replacement!

We raised the E2000 needed to get EMMA her new hip. The surgery was a success, and EMMA came home to us for post operative nursing and therapy. EMMA has now had her first check up and passed with flying colours! Her 2nd check up will soon be upon us, and IF the outcome is as we hope, EMMA will be discharged, and the moment we have all been waiting for will arrive – EMMA will be free to travel to her new home in UK!

EMMA is the happiest, most smiley dog we could have wished to rescue! Her appetite for life (and dog food) knows no bounds! EMMA is a fabulous dog, and her new mum has waited patiently for many months while EMMA has undergone her serious surgery, therapy, and passport preparations.

We are almost at the finish line – so stay tuned for EMMA’s happy ending!

Water Babies!

Thankfully the weather has warmed up and we are able to maintain our hydro schedule at long last!

Here you see some of our disabled residents, and post operative dogs taking their supported swims. We have achieved good results from hydro, and the effect on the paralysed dogs is wonderful to see.

Sponsors, take a look at your dogs having their pool time!

JUNIOR Volunteers

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Saturday mornings at MoonAcre means Junior Volunteers.

It means making new friends, learning about animals, and working in a team on the farm.

It means fresh air, lots of exercise, and eating healthy snacks.
It means having fun, going home smelly, and looking forward to coming back next weekend!

Beautiful BONNIE

MOONACRE SANCTUARY: Long term resident BONNIE the Rottweiler cross is now 7 years old. She was one of five pups born to a Segugio Italiano mum whom we received into our care in 2013. All the pups were gorgeous – four took after their mum and found homes without a problem, but no one wanted little BONNIE because she clearly took after her dad who was a Rottweiler.

Back at that time Rottweilers were getting a bad press so no matter how much we advertised BONNIE, she never received any adoption interest. After 3 years we stopped advertising her and accepted that this sweet natured dog would live out her life at MOONACRE with us.

BONNIE is a real beauty even now when her muzzle is turning grey. She has the most wonderful temperament, and is about as loyal and loving as a dog can be. She is a gentle dog, and we trust her with all the other dogs, cats, horses and pigs here.

These photos taken yesterday capture BONNIE’s character perfectly. We love her so much and feel lucky to have the opportunity to love and care for her throughout her life.